Antoinette Imperatrice

Empowerment and change coach for adults and children


What if Happiness was just a choice?

My name is Antoinette and I'm an Access Bars Certified Facilitator and a NLP Practitioner. I have 2 beautiful Children Julia 12 years and Joe 11 years.

I have been working in the wellness and Personal Development industry for over 10 years. Through my healing sessions such as The Access Bars® I have seen many extraordinary benefits in my clients both adults, youth and younger kids.

My sessions allow people to let go of stress, anxiety and fear, and step into their creative capacities.
Perhaps you’ve landed here because you’ve tried conventional talk therapy with little change.

Or perhaps you are familiar with Access Bars healing and how it can assist to transform & empower you and your children

People often gain clarity ,remove limitations and blocks that have held them back from enjoying a happier and more fulfilling life after having their Access Bards run.

The most common issues I work on are adults and childhood anxiety, lack of self-confidence, mental/emotional exhaustion and relationship issues
I also help people who are interested creating more in their lives, meaning they are not necessarily wanting or needing to heal anything in particular, but are wanting to grow into the fullest expression of themselves and their potential.

Are you looking at creating change for you?
Are you looking assisting your kids to create change for a better future?

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