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Occsafety Pty. Ltd. trading as AK REELS has been in the Thomastown factory since 2007. The company started in 1992. We manufacture retracting hose reels and safety webbing tape reels for a wide variety of uses in Industry, Commerce and Domestic markets. A registered Australia Made and Owned company certified as Australian Made for export. Our products include;-
Heavy duty Air hose reels
Water hose reels including Garden, Hot wash down systems, Cold wash down systems, Drinking water Caravan hose reels and Marine hose reels
Oxy/Acetylene reels, LPG hose reels, Chemical spray hose reels and Breathing air hose reels for paint booths and noxious trades.
The Safety barrier tape reels meet all requirements from M to M in single spans for creating exclusion zones or crowd control.

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