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RedSquare Design & Drafting is a family owned business located in the heart of Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. The business was founded and established in 2013, when Ranjith our principal draftsperson, known as Ranj to most around him, obtained his accreditation as a registered building practitioner in the field of Architectural Building Design, after having worked for 35 years in the industry worldwide. His vast experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Designing ranging from house designs to commercial designs as well as his widespread experience in the industry by taking part in many hotel renovations and refurbishments worldwide, makes him the most creative and passionate designer.

Ranjith’s passion and commitment is perfectly complemented with an equally talented and creative partner, his wife Prashani who provides the drafting duties for Ranjith in this family owned business. The clients embrace the friendly service provided by this couple in their lovely home-office environment where a client is free to spend an hour or two or even three to make sure that every need is satisfied, and every question is answered.


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