What is a Parking Demand Assessment?

Parking Demand Assessments also known as Parking Assessments or Parking Studies are often requested by local councils or road authorities when your development is expected to create adverse impacts on the existing car parking facilities surrounding the proposed development including public and street parking. Parking assessments are also required when your development is not able to provide the required number of parking spaces as mandated by the Planning Scheme of your local council.

These parking demand assessments typically contain a review of applicable Planning Scheme clauses and calculations on how many parking spaces your development must provide. The parking space requirement varies according to the size of your development. In simple words, a 3-bed room house only requires 2 parking spaces, whereas a medical centre may need 10-15 car parking spaces. If there is a shortfall in parking spaces due to constraints associated with land size or otherwise, a parking demand assessment is required to justify that your development can operate successfully with a reduced number of parking spaces. In other words, your visitors or customers must be able to find parking spaces within a practical distance from your development, and this must not create any detrimental effect to other roads users in the surrounding road network. If this cannot be achieved, due to parking restrictions or simply because the existing street parking spaces are typically operating at capacity, the development must provide other ways for customers or visitors to access it. This can either be public transport modes or sustainable transport modes such as walking or cycling. Failing all this, a development may also be forced to consider innovative options such as car stackers or basements.

To understand existing parking capacity of the surrounding road network, our traffic engineers conduct peak hour parking surveys on typical weekdays. Through this, we make an assessment of whether the existing street parking or nearby public carparks can support your development.

Experienced traffic engineers of RedSquare Traffic can prepare Parking Demand Assessments to accompany your Planning Permit application. A typical Parking Demand Assessment will contain the following:

  • Description of existing conditions of the surrounding road network;
  • Description of the proposed development;
  • Review of applicable Planning Scheme clauses and Australian Standards;
  • Car parking assessment against Planning Scheme clauses and Australian Standards;
  • Parking surveys;
  • Parking calculations i.e. Demand vs Available;
  • Justifications for any reduction in car parking spaces; and
  • A traffic engineer’s expert opinion on whether your development can handle the parking demand without adverse impacts. 

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