Owner/Founder - Fit for 2

Hi I’m Anita and I’m a Midwife and Nurse and Certtified Pregnancy and MumSafe Fitness Trainer.

I run a fitness and educational business called Fit For 2.

We are based in South Morang, Mernda and Mill Park and online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My passion is to help as many women during their conception, pregnancy and mumma journey with their mental health, fitness and well-being and educate them with the RIGHT education as we know EDUCATION IS POWER.

In this current pandemic climate women have lost access to many services to assist them from antenatal classes to birth preparation to MCHN appointments, Lactation assistance to seeing a Women’s Health physio and more.

It’s been quiet a stressful time for these women, more than a woman before this pandemic and at Fit For 2 we are here to help and support women through this special time in their journey.

At Fit For 2 we don’t just focus on fitness. We also focus on:

  1. Pelvic floor awareness
  2. Activation of transverse abdominals
  3. Teaching women to become strong from the inside out
  4. Mental health
  5. Self care
  6. Community support
  7. Online education with our signature programs which include conception and pregnancy, birth preparation, post birth recovery and motherhood and beyond.
  8. Fitness which is safe for all levels with modifications
  9. Affiliate with a Women’s Health Physio
  10. Network with other health experts to keep our clients mobile and as pain free as possible

As we move forward with this pandemic, Fit For 2 remains open. We have a timetable which includes online live zoom and once we return back to face to face our online zoom program will continue to complement our program for women whom choose to exercise from home. We also have developed an online recording library with over 450 class sessions which women can access in their own time. These are really handy for when women are at work, babies are unsettled and when someone wants their own me time. It has made a huge difference to the Fit For 2 business as it now provides flexibility and reasarrance to women that they are exercising safely with progressive exercises when they are ready.

We have also introduced Monday night education live workshops. Discussing a wide range of topics from pregnancy to motherhood, how to support your immune system, nutrition, mindset, birth preparation and so on.

At Fit For 2 we have a community support group on Facebook with a private support group and a private chat group for our active members to stay accountable and where clients can ask questions for additional support and to remain active in a community environment.

At Fit For 2 we are all about helping women during a special, vulnerable time. During pregnancy women have the right to exercise and feel strong and confident. Many girls come to me with back, hip and groin pain. We teach them how to activate their pelvic floor and TA correctly to strengthen them from the inside out to reduce asches and pains. With the right corrective exercises to increase stability these women can continue a pregnancy in minimal to pain free. Women during pregnancy do not need to be wrapped up in cotton wool. There is so much research around exercise and the benefits for pregnant women for their birth and recovery. You can see in the testimonial below how Seruna gained the benefits of the program both of being with a Midwife and a Safe Trainer and receiving the education she required to feel confident with her pregnancy and motherhood journey. You can see more reviews on my website and Google my Business.

Fit For 2 is proud to support the local community for the last 9 years and will continue to provide a 10/10 service even after this lockdown ends.

If you are looking for the correct support in your journey please reach out to Anita for a FREE 15min consultation to discuss your needs.


Owner/Founder - Fit for 2