Senior Business Engagement Officer - City of Whittlesea
Stage D in Victoria

With Victoria reaching the 90% double vaccinated status for 12+ the state has moved to Stage D in the COVID Settings.

Take a look at the attached document which provides an overview. For further information please go to the Coronavirus Victoria website listed below.

Senior Business Engagement Officer - City of Whittlesea
Managing Difficult Customers During the Pandemic – Remote Learning

As Victorian businesses prepare to re-open and welcome staff and customers back, operating in the new “COVID Normal” will come with many challenges, including placing more responsibility on each business to maintain a safe workplace and manage a myriad of requirements in relation QR code check ins, social distancing, hygiene and checking the vaccination status of staff and customers.

Learning outcomes
This half day session will cover techniques and strategies you can use to manage dealing with difficult customers, including;

How to identify customer ‘risk’ behaviours and situations at an early stage to minimise the risk of escalation
Techniques to minimise conflict with difficult customer behaviours
Understanding what you can and can’t control
Understanding what COVID Policies and Business Requirements exist
Ways you can better communicate COVID requirements for business to assist with these conversations
Identifying when to seek external assistance
This course is suitable to anyone in customer-facing roles.

3.5 hours