Sales and Marketing manager - AK REELS
No Lockdown for AK Reels

AK Reels has been making retracting hose reels in Thomastown factory since 2007. As an essential supplier to the mining, Agricultural and Healthcare markets, we have been operating throughout the pandemic. Thanks to the dedicated team at the factory and strong locally sourced materials, production has continued at pace. Visitation to the factory is not encouraged at this time, however on-line ordering and prompt dispatch continues.

Safety barrier reels are in great demand and we wish to let everyone know that all products are available from our production line.

Customised Hose reels and barrier tapes are available subject to MOQ.

Sales and Marketing manager - AK REELS
AK REELS remains open and in production.

Safety Barrier tape reels (RC3000 series) and the RC2000 Air hose reels together with the full range of retracting Garden hose reels, Drinking water Caravan hose reels, Oxy/Acet twin hose reels and many others continue to be made at the Thomastown factory in Dunstans Court.

As an essential service provider of Hot water wash down hose reels systems and exclusion safety tape equipment we are grateful to all the support for Australian Made products at this time.