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How a broker can save you

Mortgage brokers settle almost 60% of all Australian home loans. More and more Australians are choosing to use a mortgage broker as it becomes harder for borrowers to keep up with all of the rules and policies of the dozens of lenders out there!

Mortgage brokers are specialists in the ins and outs of lending and can take the hard work out of finding a great loan for you. Here’s how:
1. Choice: Brokers can access a range of lenders and loan options, providing more choice than a single bank. This means more chances to find a loan to suit your situation.
2. Convenience: A broker can compare multiple lenders that can suit your needs. The broker is also the main point of contact on your loan, so you don’t have to manage multiple lenders.
3. Expertise: Brokers deal with lenders every day so they are informed of any new rules and regulations, ensuring that you get the most up-to-date information.
4. Consumer advocate: Mortgage brokers can assess the specific needs of each client to find a lender that suits them. They can also act as your advocate with the lenders.
5. Competition: Mortgage brokers play an important role in promoting competition in the home loan market. More competition means more value for homebuyers and borrowers.

A broker’s business, such as GTM Finance Lending, relies heavily on word-of-mouth. Maintaining a good reputation is crucial to their livelihood, so a broker will keep your needs top-of-mind and work hard to get a loan that meets your circumstances. Contact GTM Finance Lending on and 0481373804 to find out more about how we can help you into your next home or investment property.